Bulletin 2 – February 2019

Welcometo the February bulletin which contains lots of useful and interestinginformation, learning and best practice on safeguarding children in education.

Continuinglast week’s online safety theme regarding the impact of screen time, this monthwe look at what schools, colleges and settings should be doing when they haveconcerns regarding online safety and useful information about the ProfessionalsOnline Safety Helpline.

Lastweek we examined the role of early help – this week we discuss a DfEReporton the experiences of children with special educational needs and disability(SEND) in early years settings. 

This week’s seriouscase review comes from the Mid and West Wales Safeguarding Children Boardconcerning a child who was electively home educated.  There are key messages in this review andlearning regarding young carers, not allowing the needs of the parents to blurour focus on the child, elective home education and the importance of professionalcuriosity, challenge and persistence.

As always, readingserious case reviews can be emotionally draining and so can the emotionalimpact of the daily work of designated safeguarding leads; it is important thatyou have access to support for your emotional well-being.   Good practicesafeguards staff as well as children and it is vital for staff who deal withsafeguarding and child protection issues to receive supervision and support – eitherthrough line management or by contacting us to provide your school or setting withregular supervision sessions.

Soola Georgiou

Safeguarding in Education Consultant

Chalktalk Education